October 20, 2017

We are expanding and need to add a few members to our team to help us grow. We are looking for an experienced salesman and a videographer who is a genius behind the lens. 

If you're an automotive enthusiast looking to work with a team of young, motivated and creative individuals we want to hear from you! Hours are flexible and can be part time or full time depending on your qualifications. 

Sales position requirements:

- Must have at least 2 years sales experience. Automotive aftermarket experience is a plus.

- Must have excellent customer service skills to be able to speak in a friendly manner to customers and listening to their needs to communicate options for them.

- Must be organized and proficient in using excel to log information.

- Must be persistent in meeting deadlines / quotas.

- Our office is located in South El Monte, California and you must be willing to commute to      work

- Our hours are flexible but on some occasions you may be required to work specific hours or on nights and weekends as needed to meet clients, work shows and events, or travel 

- Must be self motivated and willing to work closely day to day with our staff to effectively      and efficiently achieve our goals

Videographer position requirements:

- Must have an excellent portfolio showcasing previous work

- Must be passionate about automotive culture and up to date on trends

- You will be required to have at least basic gear required to record and edit videos

- Willing to work closely with a team of highly motivated and creative people

- Needs to be self motivated

- Responds well to constructive criticism and feedback

- Hours are flexible but sometimes you will be required to work at unusual hours to complete shoots 


If either of these positions interest you email your resume to info@305forgedwheels.com

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