A Look Back at 2020

A Look Back at 2020

It's the start of 2021 and we have high hopes for this year. Despite the challenges 2020 presented, we saw many cars update their looks with our wheels. This blog will highlight 2020's blog posts and the various wheel/car combos we saw throughout the past year.

To start off, we have @realwidler5.0's 2018 wide body Ford Mustang GT Premium with UF2-103. These wheels started off black but were changed to a gold barrel with black spokes. The gold barrel adds extra appeal with the rich purple paint on the car.

Next up is @alpinef32's which started off with FT114s and is now currently on FT115s. This car has an OEM+ look that is complimented by the current FT115 setup. For a more aggressive look, the FT114s work nicely.

Another Mustang joined the 305 crew in the form of @billco's S197 with FT107s in gloss black. Combined with the wrap, this car certainly stands out.

Another stunner with our FT107s is this first gen Audi R8.

Our FT107s make another appearance on this Porsche Panamera. These silver with machined face wheels pop against the dark grey metallic paint on the Porsche.

@sonic3_ also showcases our FT107s with a two toned color palette on his Sonic the Hedgehog inspired BMW. The gloss black and machined bronze face take these wheels to another dimension.

Last up for our FT107 roundup is @das_bae_'s BMW 435i. These gold wheels are the perfect compliment to the slammed BMW.

In March we covered @kitabrz and her Subaru BRZ project car. Nikita salvaged this car and turned it into a complete stunner. Our UF2-113s are just the cherry on top.

Our very own @coolin_mc did a cross country road trip in December 2018 and January 2019 in his Mk7.5 VW GTI on our FT108s. He documented the journey and also wanted to showcase just how dirty the car was after driving cross country twice in less than a month.


Another American Muscle car was featured in our blog. @tex_s3 had his dream car, a Dodge Charger, with satin black FT101s prior to switching it up to an Audi S3 (which we will touch upon later).

Speaking of Audis, @rach___mb switched up her wheels from our FT113 to FT115. These wheels work so well with so many cars without taking away from the car itself.

Also amongst the F115 lineup, we have @bmw_captivate's BMW M340i, @lownardo7.5r's VW Golf R, and @spence_s4's Audi S4. Like we said, these wheels are extremely versatile and a great addition to pretty much any car.

We introduced two new series this year, as well. the Carbon Fiber Series and the Pablo Ruiz series. Each add a fresh, modern take on wheels that are meant to stand out.

Our Ultimate Forged Light UF101P wheels have been looking phenomenal on @f80ghost's F80 M3. Keeping it clean and classic with silver, these wheels are absolutely stunning on this build.

In July we featured an Audi TT with our UF116. The dark tinted brushed aluminum finish allowed the wheels to shine without clashing with the bright gold color of the car.

The FT108s look good on the VW GTI and @cfb_gti definitely got it right with this build. His Cornflower Blue Mk7.5 GTI Rabbit brings life to the meaning hot hatch.

Our sub brand Stellar Wheels also had their moment in 2020. The STL1 boost the already good looking appearance of this dark blue F80 M3. 

Stellar Wheel STL5 made an appearance on another German beast: the Audi R8.

And last, but certainly not least for Stellar Wheel, we have the newest model - the RS1. This wheel is featured on a Nardo Grey Audi S3.

A bright yellow Toyota GT86 widebody joined the 305 ranks with gloss black and polished aluminum UF2-118.

Another multi-piece Ultimate Forged setup in this Audi A6 avant with UF2-129 bronze and polished aluminum wheels.

Another F80 M3 went with the multi-piece UF2-101P in a brushed aluminum and polished lip finish. These wheels are styled to grab attention and hold it.

One of our most popular wheels this past year had to be the @summitautolab Porsche Cayman S project car with satin black and polished copper lip UF2-304.

The last of our featured Ultimate Forged Multi-piece wheels are these UF2-310 on a nicely stanced VW Scirocco. 

The last of our Ultimate Forged wheels that we featured this past year are the UF-139 on a Porsche Macan. 

Our FT105s were popular on BMWs. We featured @nickf30_n20's 328i and also an F31 Touring with these shoes.


 And the last blog we featured in 2020 was to highlight our Holiday Sale (hope you didn't miss out). This blog featured two Audi S3s - @tex_s3 with new FT115s and @owdy_s3 with his old bronze FT107s.

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