305Forged Brand History

【 305Forged Brand History 】

| Foundation of 305Forged Wheels
Gus Baldor, a car and wheels enthusiast in Maimi, U.S. found the 305Forged Wheels.

| FlowTechnik Wheels
Being from Miami, 305Forged introduced the classic sporty design and innovative technology to launch its first Flow Technik series FT101, FT102 and FT103 in the U.S.

| One-piece Ultimate Forged series

Timeless design meets modern functionality, the new one-piece Ultimate Forged series launched in 2015.

| 2-Pieces Ultimate Forged series
Following the success of the one-piece Ultimate Forged series, the two-piece forged wheels series was born.

| FT107
Flow Technik series FT107 was the hero product of the year.

| 305Forged at BimmerFest BMW Forum
305Forged joined the grand gathering BimmerFest, which included hundreds of auto-tuning BMW cars.

| FT113 was the most popular Flow Technik product in 2017.
Since the first launch of FT113 and the 2016 hero product FT107, these two styles have become the leading trend worldwide, and many similar products come up everywhere.

Stellar Wheels
| 305Forged’s Sister brand – Stellar Wheels
Featuring the air pocket design, the Stellar Wheels offer refined aesthetic and high-quality wheels for the taste of sense.

| Global Show- SEMA & CAS
Expanding the name of 305Forged Wheels worldwide, we joined the global event SEMA SHOW in Vegas and CAS in Shanghai.

| PR305 Collaboration launch
Designed by the U.S. wheel designer Pablo Ruiz. Our PR305 Series focus on precision craftsmanship and revolutionary design that brings a contemporary rough but elegant new styling to the 305Forged Wheels.

| Carbon Edition
Carbon edition features the carefully engineered spoke, lips and an intricate pocket design to showcase the aggressive but delicate unique look of wheels.

| Asia Media Launch
305Forged hosted a media launch event to make an official announcement of entering the Asian market.

| Sema Show
Drawing inspiration from classic, 305Forged brings modern refine sporty design to all product ranges in SEMA SHOW 2022.

| New Off-Road
The new model of 305offroad is based on the Y-Spoke structure. The spokes stretch to the outer with more sophisticated patterns to create a delicate atmosphere.