All New Ultimate Forged Lite Series

All New Ultimate Forged Lite Series

UFL | Ultimate Forged Lite

Everyone loves the look of a good multi-piece wheel. Whether its invoking that classic motorsports look of a big polished lip and mesh spokes. Or just trying to have a something a little more unique through the great customization provided by a multi-piece wheel. 

The downside is forged multi-piece wheels have a very high cost to entry. Sometimes costing several thousand dollars, per wheel. By now most of you are probably familiar with our UF2 line. Our fully forged 2 piece variants of our Ultimate Forged Wheels. Strong, light, fully customizable and competitively priced, but still just outside of the budget of many customers.  

We wanted to change this, offer something that can allow the looks and customization of a multi-piece wheel, but be more affordable. So we came up with the Ultimate Forged Lite series or UFL for short. The UFL wheels are true two piece wheels, with forged 6061 aluminum centers bolted to flow formed barrels. 

And there lies the difference. A flow formed barrel. Using a flow form barrel means the wheels are easier for us to produce without compromising the strength or quality of the wheel, meaning we can pass the cost savings onto you the consumer. 

The UFL series wheels are available in 19"-26" sizing with stepped lips in a variety of widths. Contact us today to spec out a set to your liking, with pricing starting at $3800 for a set. Monoblock pricing for Mutli-Piece wheels. Click HERE to view the full series.

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