Audi TT | UF116

Audi TT | UF116

Model: 305Forged UF116 Ultimate Forged Series | Dark Tinted Brushed Aluminum

Spec: Front: 19x9 +40 | Rear: 19x9 +40 | Bolt Pattern: 5x112

Application: Audi TT
The Audi TT didn't always inspire thoughts of spirited drives on winding back roads or thundering down the track straightway. However, in recent generations, Audi has made an effort to bring life into the TT again.
New styling has made this car more desirable as it resembles a mini R8. The angled edges of the lights, grill, and body lines are in sharp contrast to its predecessors' rounded, soft features.
For the TT, the curved spokes of our UF116 mimic the shape of the widened fenders and rounded accents that are distinctive of the car. They also add a unique flare when compared to the more commonly seen straight lines or geometric patterns of other wheels.
The dark tinted brushed aluminum finish on these wheels is the perfect compliment with the gold wrap. It is more than just your standard gloss black or gunmetal grey, this finish has depth without being loud. It allows the shapes created by the spokes to do the talking.
With a more aggressive facelift, impressive handling, and the right set of wheels, no one can negatively call this is a "hairdresser's car" anymore.
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