BMW F31 3 Series Touring | FT105

BMW F31 3 Series Touring | FT105

Model: 305Forged FT105 | Flow Technik Series | Silver

Spec: Front: 19 x 8.5 | Rear: 19 x 8.5  Bolt Pattern: 5x120

Application: BMW F31 3 Series Touring
Wagons...people either avidly love them or are indifferent to them. In our opinion, BMW has always made some good looking wagons. And the new F31 3 Series Touring is no different.
A sporty wagon with aftermarket wheels is just the ticket to looking cool while getting groceries, road tripping for the weekend, or picking up some new furniture from IKEA.
The F chassis works well with our FT105 wheels. The traditional, clean lines of the split spoke wheels blend well with the body lines of the car. All while bringing a little extra curb appeal.
The choice to keep the wheels silver lends itself to an OEM+ look, while bringing out the metallic flecks in the white paint.
No matter what car you decide to put the FT105 on, it will look great. But we have to say, we're really liking them on this wagon.
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