BMW 335i | FT107

BMW 335i | FT107

Model: 305Forged FT107 | Flow Technik Series | Gloss black with machined bronze face

Spec: Front: 19 x 9.5 +35 | Rear: 19 x 9.5 +35 | Bolt Pattern: 5x120

Application: BMW 335i
BMWs and our FT107s go together like Sundays and long drives, cool weather and turbos, Sonic the Hedgehog and speed. They pair well together, offering a a sleek upgrade to traditional stock wheels. The angles of the split spokes compliment BMW's aggressive body lines.
@sonic3_ has modified his BMW 335i to pay homage to the iconic Sega character. The stock paint color is a near perfect match to Sonic's fur, while the red accents along the front bumper, side skirts, and diffuser give a nod to Sonic's bright red shoes without being too overt. 
Carbon fiber accents around the car give it a slightly more aggressive and elevated feel that matches the perfect fitment of the FT107s. Keeping up with subtle accents on the car, these wheels aren't just one color. Instead, the face of the main split spokes is machined bronze, while the offshoots of the spokes are gloss black. This gives the wheels a multidimensional look that catches the eye.
It's the attention to details that make this an interesting build. And you can't go wrong when you model your car after one of the most beloved Sega characters with a need for speed.
Photos by @blvcksaint
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