BMW F80 M3 at Bimmer Fest

BMW F80 M3 at Bimmer Fest

Model: FT101 | Flow Tech Series | Stealth Grey

Spec: Front: 20x10.5 +35 Rear: 20x10.5 +35 | Bolt Pattern: 5x120

Application: F80 BMW M3

The F80 chassis M3 is one of the most popular, most aggressive and fastest M cars to ever come out of BMWs factory. The cars capabilities on and off track are extremely impressive. 

This partially because how wide of a wheel and tire the wide fenders allow you to fit onto the car. Over 10 inches wide on the front of this particular example. Thats crazy for a 4 door sedan and equates to supercar like cornering performance. 

The aggressive styling of the car matches its performance and the wheels need to follow suite. Our FT101s are a classic split 5 spoke design and the stealth grey finish offers a subtle contrast to the cars metallic grey paint. 

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