BMW F80 M3 | UF101P

BMW F80 M3 | UF101P

Model: 305Forged UF101P Ultimate Forged Series | Silver

Spec: Front: 19x9.5 +18 | Rear: 19x11 +37  Bolt Pattern: 5x120

Application: BMW F80 M3
When you think of getting new wheels for your car, what color do you first think of? Is it something that will stand out such as red or copper, or is it something more on the subtle side such as black or stealth grey? What about silver?
Today, many people in the aftermarket wheel world skip right over silver for something "different" than the stock wheel color.
But what if you decided to...bring silver wheels back? Make them great again?
Well, that's exactly what Nick (@f80ghost) decided to do. With his Alpine White 6MT F30 M3, Nick opted for a tinted brushed silver finish on our UF101P. The brushed silver finish adds a clean metallic touch to the otherwise non-metallic brilliant white paint.
This wheel has a classic split 5 spoke design. However, when you take a closer look, you'll notice air pockets in the side of each spoke. These air pockets not only offer a unique design feature, they also serve to reduce weight from the wheels. Which is prefect for Nick who has always been inspired by the track look. "It's the perfect mix of form and function," he states. Eibach lowering springs with GC camber plates finish off this clean, subtly aggressive, and fully functional build.
Nick tells us he has a few more mods in the works including coilovers for improved suspension and handling along with the possibility of small aero changes. But overall, he is largely happy with where his car is currently at. "This is the kind of car that puts a smile on my face even on the worst days."
Photos | @f80ghost
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