Cadillac ATSV | Forged Monoblock UF110P

Cadillac ATSV | Forged Monoblock UF110P

Model: 305Forged UF110P | Ultimate Forged Plus Series | Brushed Finish

Spec: Front: 19 x 9.5 +25 | Rear: 19 x 11 +55  Bolt Pattern: 5x120

Application: Cadillac ATSV

When you think of Cadillac, luxury, comfort and the american dream probably comes to mind. When Pamela ( @damnpamm ) thinks of Cadillac she thinks of track days and performance. See Pam has one of the brans latest V models, a line created to compete with german M, AMG and RS cars. 

Currently she has a few performance mods including a tune, downpipes, x-pipe delete, intake and sway bars with a few more plans for the future. Insuring this car is a weapon on canyon roads and California tracks like Sonoma and Laguna Seca. 

Putting all this performance to the ground is a set of Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires wrapped around our UF110P wheels. This model is from our Ultimate Forged Plus series, their high strength and low weight are a perfect pairing for this track used ATS-V.

Owner: @damnpamm

Photos: @ryancarauta

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