Is this the craziest street driven R8?

Is this the craziest street driven R8?

Model: 305Forged UF2-101P  | Ultimate Forged Series | Polished Red and Bronze

Spec: Front: 19 x 9.5 +5 | Rear: 20 x 12 -5 stepped lip | Bolt Pattern: 5x112

Application: Audi R8 LMS

You ever see a car and think thats a cool car, but the more you look at it the cooler it gets? Well thats what happens when you see Clements Audi R8. 

Even if you really take the time to take in all the little details about this car you still might not realize just how cool it is without someone there to answer your questions about it. Its not just an R8 on air. Its not just a WIDEBODY R8. 

Its a full carbon fiber widebody, rear wheel drive, twin turbo, bagged Audi R8 with our two piece forged UF2-101P wheels. 19" in the front. 20" in the rear with a step lip. 

Why a step lip only in the rear? Well the larger 20" diameter of the rear wheel helps fill up the wheel well more, while the step lip makes it look closer in size to the smaller 19" front wheels. On top of this the style calls back to the old school IMSA and Le Mans cars like the Porsche 935 with its huge slant lips in the rear. 

The motorsports callback is appropriate because this isn't just a random widebody, not that anyone would consider a full carbon bodykit to be random. Its an OEM Audi dry carbon body straight from the R8 LMS racecar. 

Of course the roof box isn't from the R8 LMS. Some people like to hate on it but its necessary. This cars not a show queen, it gets driven. Take one look at the charred and melted vinyl above the center exit exhaust and thats obvious. Usually the R8 is a great daily with storage in the front trunk, frunk if you will. With the LMS conversion there is now a large vent, radiator and ducting where the trunk used to be. 

The reason for the tree? Well it was a Christmas themed photoshoot and this blog post is a little late. If you wanna see more of this car check out the owners IG page @r8.lms

Photos by: @_crvn_

Twin turbo kit: @cfi_designs

Wrap: @mmdesign_car_wrap

special shoutout and @puristgroup

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