Kia Stinger GT | Flow Technik FT101

Kia Stinger GT | Flow Technik FT101

Model: FT101 | Flow Technik Series | Satin Black Finish

Spec: Front: 19x8.5 +32 | Rear: 19x9.5 +40  Bolt Pattern: 5x114.3

Application: Kia Stinger GT

The Kia Stinger is certainly stirring the pot in the automotive world right now. It looks super sport and aggressive. Its rear wheel drive, has 365 HP and is cheaper than some german sports sedans. If it didnt have Kia badges you probably wouldnt even associate the car with the manufacturer. 

But it is still a Kia. Hopefully that badge name wont deter too many customers from what is definitely an awesome performance deal. Hopefully its good looks will overcome that badge association. 

Speaking of good looks this particular model looks even better. There is no doubt that lowering a car on some sick wheels makes it look better 100% of the time. 

Not to mention the custom black finish on these FT101s looks absolutely sinister against Kia's "Ceramic Silver" paint. A gloss grey color that is extremely popular now amongst many different car manufacturers. Most people will call it Nardo Grey but that is actually and Audi specific paint color. 

Who else wants to see more of these awesome looking Kia's modified and driving around?


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