Lamborghini Aventador | CF102 Magnesium

Lamborghini Aventador | CF102 Magnesium

Model: 305Forged CF102 Magnesium | Silver

Spec: Front: 20 x 9 | Rear: 21 x 13 | Bolt Pattern: 5x112

Application: Lamborghini Aventador
Our new Carbon Fiber Series is making a splash with bold designs and a unique look. These are the type of wheels that hold their own on super cars, such as the Lamborghini Aventador.
From a distance, the wheels may look as though they simply have black spokes. But take a step closer and you'll see the stunning carbon fiber details.
The angles of the wheels are cohesive with the lines and sharp corners on this super car, making it seem as though the wheels were made for this car. 
This set of CF102s features silver accents with the magnesium and carbon fiber face. However, you can spice up these wheels any way that you want.
These wheels aren't just for super cars, they can spice up any car or SUV. Check out our instagram (@305forgedwheels) for more inspiration.
Right now, we are looking for someone who wants to work with us on a partial sponsorship for our Carbon Fiber Series. If you're interested, please email a proposal to
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