Looking back at our SEMA 2018

Looking back at our SEMA 2018

Every year SEMA is the biggest event most companies in the automotive industry will attended. The best of the best will be showcasing their latest products, builds and projects. Its a tough crowd to stand out in. 

In our effort to stand out we partnered with some great people to bring two absolutely awesome cars to our booth. A LMS converted, carbon fiber, twin turbo, RWD Audi R8 and The Stradmans Mclaren 570s that was part of a giveaway contest hosted by himself and Super Car Mafia.

To accommodate two cars our booth was bigger this year. This also allowed us to launch our newest model for 2019. The FT114 which will be available in April in 19" fitments. 

Not only this but we had an entire new brand on display, Stellar Wheels. This is a brand we created but is completely separate from 305Forged. The new brand is aimed at more performance oriented drivers and features more extreme design and engineering elements that are more about functionality over form. 

If you really wanna get a feeling for what our booth was like check out our SEMA highlight video. 

Thanks to everyone who was able to come to SEMA and stopped by our booth to say hello


Photos by : @_crvn_

Video by : @imola.media

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