New Specialty Series Wheels

New Specialty Series Wheels

Carbon Fiber, Forged Magnesium, Exclusive design partnerships. This is what we are trying to bring to the table with the new lines of wheels that will fall under our specialty series. 

As of now the Specialty Series will consist of 3 lines. Stellar Wheels, PR305 and the CF series. Each with its on unique elements and targets. 

Stellar Wheels is a brand we announced at SEMA 2018 and officially launched a little more than a year ago. Designed with performance cars in mind, the style is more form meets function. With pocketed spokes reinforced with our unique industrial inspired girder design. 

Next up is the CF series. These wheels are meant to be the pinnacle of what a high end wheel can be. Forged 6061 aluminum is too mundane for these wheels. Our material of choice is a bit more exotic, forged magnesium. The ultimate flex. 

Finally we have the PR305 series. A design collaboration with the legendary wheel designer Pablo Ruiz. The wheels from this line will be at the forefront of wheel design trends featuring some of the most unique designs in the industry. 

The CF and PR305 lines will launch in full before Summer 2020 and we will do a dedicated blog for each line giving more details, so check back soon!

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