New Ultimate Forged Multi-Piece Models

New Ultimate Forged Multi-Piece Models

It's 2021 and it's time to add a little more spice to our wheel line up. Our Ultimate Forged Multi-Piece series combines a high level of customization with strong materials. We have seven new designs to add to the mix.

Starting off with UF/2-150. This wheel has a bold split 7-spoke design. Strong defined lines with a little extra detail at the end of the spoke makes for a striking wheel.


UF/2-151 is a split 5-spoke design with softer angles than the previous model. This design continues with the bezel at the end of the spoke, just like UF/2-150.

The third design is, yep you guessed it, is UF/2-152. This 9-spoke curved design features a narrow base with a detailed oblong loop at the end. The two breaks in material at the loop create more negative space and add a modern flare.

UF/2-153 is another 5-spoke design. This spoke is detailed with 4 mini spokes and 3 regions of negative space. The angled detail at the end of the spoke frames the spoke without adding heaviness to the design.

Next, we have UF/2-154. This wheel is simple in design but by making it with 9-spokes, it give a level of intricacy to the wheel. Straight lines and wide angles create a narrow X in each spoke.

UF/2-155 is next on the list.This is another split 5-spoke design. However, instead of having just one split number of splits, each spoke has 2 splits. This creates a contemporary angled face that is perfect for an aggressive vibe.

Lastly, is UF/2-156. This design features a bold split 5-spoke face. The added small detail in between each spoke creates a nice contrast from the heaviness of the main spokes.

We hope you are inspired by these new designs. Contact us with any questions about customizing your set!

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