Newest Stellar Wheel - the RS1

Newest Stellar Wheel - the RS1

Model: Stellar RS1 | Stellar Wheels | Brushed Titanium

Our performance based brand, Stellar, has released their latest wheel - the RS1. The RS line is designed to bring the same quality and great design as the STL line, but at a reduced cost. The major difference between the two lines is the solid spokes on the RS line versus the girder spokes on the STL line. 

By eliminating the girder spokes on this line, this allows for more options to our customers. Some people prefer the look of solid spokes, and this line caters to that preference.

This 10-spoke wheel is a classic design with modern features such as raised edges on the face of the wheel and impressions along the side of the spokes that mimic our girder spoke design. These keeps the RS line cohesive with our STL line.

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