Porsche Panamera | Ultimate Forged UF113

Porsche Panamera | Ultimate Forged UF113

Model: UF113 | Ultimate Forged Series | Tinted Brushed Aluminum Finish

Spec: Front: 21x9.5 Rear: 21x10.5  Bolt Pattern: 5x130

Application: Porsche Panamera Hybrid

Photoshoot, photoshoot, photoshoot. After enough photoshoots, or doing enough of anything for that matter, you tend to get pretty good at it. With experience comes knowledge, what to bring, what to be prepared for, how to solve problems. Sometimes though, even with experience, you just cant be prepared or you just make a silly mistake. This might be a little of both.

You see we just installed our new UF113 wheels on our Porsche Panamera and I was eager to do a cool photoshoot with the car. I called up my good friend Denis Podmarkov described by some as a world famous photographer. I try not to let it go to his head. We discussed the car and where to shoot it and decided we didn't want to do the typical and over saturated urban, business class, cityscape that a car such as this is typically associated with.

After some more thinking Denis remembered a recent discovery. There is a dried lakebed about 2 hours into the southern California desert that you can drive on. It was a plan, we would wake up early, drink too much coffee and shoot the car as the sun rose over the lakebed. But here is where we reference back to making mistakes and being prepared. See, we didnt think to consider the weather or check if there were specific hours that we could access the lake bed.

So we drive 2 hours, pull up to a closed gate that has a sign mocking us with the words "Lakebed Closed". A quick google search leads us to the website for the park.. something we should have looked into the night before. Not only does the park not open for another hour but the lakebed is closed until further notice due to recent rain making the surface unsuitable to drive on.

This was certainly an obstacle but we didn't drive two hours to just turn around and go home. Google maps revealed some unpaved roads next to the lakebed smooth enough to drive the Porsche on even with the air suspension in its lowest "Sport +" setting.

The rest of the day went more or less as we wanted. The sun reflected perfectly off the brushed finish on the forged 21" wheels. The clouds and mountains were an epic backdrop.

And the unpaved roads turned out to be a pretty cool environment. So not exactly as planned but it still worked out, we still got the abstract aesthetic of an executive luxury sports sedan in the desert. The freezing cold windy desert. Next time we will do more research the night before, dress a little warmer, and bring even more coffee.

Photos : Denis Podmarkov @_dpod_

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