Rocket Bunny GTR SEMA 2017 Booth Car

Rocket Bunny GTR SEMA 2017 Booth Car

Having a cool car in your booth is one of the most important, and basic, things you need to do in order to be noticed at SEMA. Or any large car show for that matter. Once we heard our friend Anthony was building what could be the widest Rocket Bunny GTR in the USA we knew we had a car. 

This video explains a little bit about what was going on with the build before SEMA. Platinum VIP was taking the Rocket Bunny Kit and widening it an additional 4 inches! This car was going to be extreme.

Not only is the kit widened but it is also fully molded into the body. None of the typical rivets you see on Liberty Walk or Rocket Bunny overfenders. 

To top it all off is the paint. Thats right. The crazy, sometimes white, sometimes green, glow in the dark looking satin finish isn't a wrap. Thats the number one thing that blows peoples minds when they see this car. 

All this wild styling made Anthony's GTR the perfect platform for us to launch our 3 piece wheels. 

The wheels on the car are our UF/3-113 the three piece version of our Monoblock Forged UF113. A three piece wheel was the only way to get the crazy deep lip needed to match the aggressive bodywork.

 We think it looks awesome and if you want to see more of this crazy GTR check out our SEMA teaser/ featurette filmed by CurbBangers.

Most of the pictures from this post were shot by Denis Podmarkov from behind the scenes of Autocons new video. 

Check them out and catch us at some of Autocons upcoming events!



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