Stellar Wheels Feature on BMW F80 M3

Stellar Wheels Feature on BMW F80 M3

Model: Stellar STL1 | Stellar Wheels | Brushed Titanium

Spec: Front: 19x9.5 +18 | Rear: 19x11 +37  Bolt Pattern: 5x120

Application: BMW F80 M3
We all know how aggressive the F80 M3 is in both looks and sound. That makes it a perfect model for our performance based brand, Stellar Wheels, to show off a little.
We developed Stellar Wheels to focus on performance, while still keeping in mind style. We use clean lines and raised edges in our designs to let the wheels speak for themselves without being overly in your face.
We strove for perfection in looks, lightness, and function with this brand.
We landed on girder spokes as our main design theme to keep the collection cohesive.
The girder spokes allow for reduced weight, without compromising any strength or durability. They also allow for designs that are not as commonly seen in the wheel market.
This particular design lends itself to a straightforward 10-spoke look but upon closer inspection has a twist.
All wheels from Stellar Wheels are custom made to perfectly fit your car and style.
Check out the rest of the collection at and follow our instagram @stellarwheel for more inspiration for your car!
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