Mustang S550 Final Form

Mustang S550 Final Form

Model: 305Forged UF2-103  | Ultimate Forged Series | Black with Polished Gold Lip changed to gold inner barrel with Black outer lip

Spec: Front: 20 x 10.5 | Rear: 20 x 12 | Bolt Pattern: 5x114.3

Application: Widebody S550 Ford Mustang

Everyone knows that in the modern tuned/modded car scene if you wanna stay on top you have to update your look pretty often. Could be something as simple as a new lip or a full wrap. 

But its not often someone keeps all the parts but changes out the car they are attached to. But thats exactly what Wilder ( @realwilder94 on IG ) did with his mustang. 

You may have noticed the cover image of his mustang looks a bit different than the images in this blog so far. Well thats because some unfortunate events led to him taking all the parts off his s550, getting the new facelift 'stang and then putting the parts on the new car. 

When life throws a challenge at Wilder he just gets better and with his new Mustang he went full Super Saiyan. Transforming bad luck into good with a new car and a better looking setup. 

If you just looked quickly you might have been fooled into thinking its just a new wrap and fresh color on the wheels. But look closer and you'll see its a whole new car. 

Photos and car by: @realwilder94

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