VW MK7.5 GTI | FT108

VW MK7.5 GTI | FT108

Model: 305Forged FT108 | Flow Technik Series | Pearl Graphite W/ Machined Lip

Spec: Front: 19 x 8.5 +35 | Rear: 19 x 8.5 +35  Bolt Pattern: 5x112

Application: MK7.5 VW GTI Rabbit
VW GTIs are one of the all time great hot hatches. They're fun to drive with a good amount of power, easy to tune engines, and just the right amount of torque to make winding roads a blast.  Not to mention the iconic silhouette that is recognizable right away.
Now imagine that classic GTI but in a more unique color. That's exactly what Jared (@cfb_gti) gets to look at and enjoy every day. His Cornflower Blue Mk7.5 GTI stands out from the crowd. It's not your typical white, silver, or black car and that makes it exciting when you see it cruising down the highway.
Jared lost the wheel gap and the old wheels, setting his GTI up on our FT108 wheels. The clean and understated 9-spoke design allows for good visibility of the bright red brake calipers and doesn't distract from the car. The wheels have a lightness to them that compliment the car.
Current mods also include a Euro Impulse carbon steering wheel, BFI shift knob, P3 vent gauge, Solo-Werks S1 coilovers with Eurosport street camber kit, CTS intake, CTS turbo inlet elbow, CTS turbo muffler delete, AWE track catback exhaust, and Diversion Stores carbon fiber mirror caps and dynamic indicators. Some further mods that are currently in the works include an Integrated Engineering Stage 1 low torque tune and Euro Impulse carbon fiber front splitter, side skirts, and diffuser.
Follow Jared on his journey of completing his awesome GTI. That is, if a build can ever really be complete.
Photos | @sosa_foto 
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