Pandem Widebody Porsche Cayman S Project Car

Pandem Widebody Porsche Cayman S Project Car

Model: 305Forged UF2-304 | Ultimate Forged Series | Satin Black with Polished Copper

Spec: Front: 19x10.5 | Rear: 19x12  Bolt Pattern: 5x130

Application: Pandem V2 Porsche Cayman S
Project cars have and always will be at the heart of car culture. The ultimate goal for many is to be able to buy a car and completely reimagine it in a unique way. The hands on approach that is taken with project cars also leads to immense satisfaction in the end. You get the pride of knowing you put in the blood, sweat, and tears (but hopefully not all three) to create something meaningful and one-of-a-kind.
Clayton (@clayton__stark) chose this 2008 Cayman S as his first project car. As the owner of Summit Auto Lab (@summitautolab), he is in a prime position of knowledge and experience to complete much of the work himself.
He tells us, "I am a huge DIY guy, so this build was right up my alley (up until painting the body kit... I had to have a professional do that)."
In order to keep with his "classy and sinister" theme, Clayton chose our 2-piece Ultimate Forged UF2304 wheels in satin black and polished copper. The copper lips add a perfect accent of color with this blacked out look.
"My hope with this build is to continue using it as my creative outlet, continue bringing it to car meets and sharing it, and to hopefully one day take it to shows and win awards."
We can't wait to see what else Clayton has in store for this Cayman.
Hopefully, we'll see more of Clayton's project cars in the future. Because if they are anything like this build, they will be pretty epic.
We'll leave you with this video of the Widebody Cayman in action.

After photos | @southvalleyphoto
Video | @theluketerry
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