Will Collettes S197 | FT107

Will Collettes S197 | FT107

Model: 305Forged FT107 | Flow Technik Series | Gloss Black

Spec: Front: 20 x 9 +32 | Rear: 20 x 10.5 +42  Bolt Pattern: 5x114.3

Application: S197 Ford Mustang
Now we have plenty of Mustangs fitted with our 20" FT107 wheels. So its nothing new, but it is still exciting. Even a generation old the S197 chassis Mustang with our FT107 model is still one of the best looking combos on the street. 
The owner of this particular Mustang, Will Collette, is a professional photographer, vlogger, auto enthusiast and generally an all around nice guy. He came to us with a nearly finished project missing just one crucial component, the wheels. And they had to be gloss black, a color that we unfortunately didn't have in stock. 
He also said that he needed to get the wheels on the car ASAP because he was going on a trip to Utah to do a photoshoot and video with Stradman and wanted the wheels to be part of the shoot. We agreed this would be a cool opportunity but the timeline would be very tight to get the wheels custom refinished and suggested some colors we have in stock that we thought would still look good. 
However Will insisted that the wheels had to be gloss black. We did what we could and with fingers crossed the wheels arrived to the shop his car was at just hours before he was due to pick it up and leave for Utah. Was the decision to get the wheels refinished worth it? Well we think the pictures speak for themselves. 
Photos by Will Collette
IG: @billco
Check out the vlog Will made with Stradman and featuring our wheels here!
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